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Find our Rates for General Delivery, Hauling and Hot Shot services below - Contact us for more precise info:








1-ton Truck 4x4 Dually w/box 8’ x 4


5,150 lbs./ 2,340 kg.




or      $0.95/km


   1-ton Truck Dually hauling all type of RV Trailers, Boats, etc.


Up to 22,000 lbs./ 10,000 kg.




or      $1.05/km


1-ton Truck 4x4 & Trailer 30’ Flat Deck


18,000 lbs./ 8,181 kg.




or      $1.15/km


 *Loading/unloading, stand by charges - $95.00 per hour

*Off Road (Oilfield Hauling) - $95.00 per hour                                          

*Fuel surcharges may apply (contact us for more information).

*15% Discount for Regular Customers (contact us for more information). 

 *25% Discount on Return Way Shipment (contact us for more information).

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